The best was of losing weight and obesity is a combination of diet, exercise, and change in behavioral modification. Before starting on any weight loss program, it is important to determine both how fast to lose weight and how to lose weight safely. Therefore, goals of weight loss must be set before anyone begins any weight loss.

Obesity And Eating Disorders

Goals of weight loss

Many Obese individuals are still actively gaining weight. The most important is to stop any more weight gain.

The next goal is to calculate the idea weight of the obese person. Do this by calculating the BMI of the person.

The thrid goal is to indentify the initial weight loss targeted. Most programs will be considered successful if they can achieve a weight loss of 5% in 6 months time.

The fourth goal is to identify what the obese person hopes to gain by losing weight. Is it appearance, health, mobility or other reasons. This helps the person to understand his motivation better and the likelyhood of him keeping to his diet plan would be higher.

Calculating required calorie for an obesity diet

Approximately 22 kcal/kg is required to maintain a kilogram of body weight in a normal adult. The expected or calculated energy expenditure for a woman weighing 100 kg is approximately 2200 kcal/day.

This can vary by up to 20%. Target calorie deficit should be 500kcal/day in a person’s diet. This should help the person lose about 2% of his weight a month.

Different types of Obesity Diet

Knowing that we are targeting a caloric deficit of 500kcal/day in an obesity diet. There are four general ways which these diets can be achieved:

  • Balanced low-calorie diets/portion-controlled diets
  • Low-fat diets
  • Low-carbohydrate diets
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Fad diets (diets involving unusual combinations of foods or eating sequences)

Commercial weight loss programs and internet-based programs are discussed elsewhere.

Balanced low-calorie diets

These are most recommended by nutrionist. Keeping a balance diet reduces the chance of having any vitamin, mineral or even essential fatty acid deficits. This can usually be done via reduced portion intake or carefully calculating a balance diet for all 3 meals of the day. The other method is to take replacement milk/drinks in place of certain meals.

Most people understand which are the fatty food and avoiding them as much as possible helps to reduce weight. Fats are classified at the top of the food pyramid in a good diet, which means they should constitute no more than 25% of a person’s diet, even in non obeses individuals

Such diets typically avoids most carbohydrates, mainly potatoes, rice and bread. Pasta is included in this category. This is easily achieved since most carbohydrates are not particularly tasty, unlike fats and proteins. The key is to ensure there are no increase in amount of fats taken when a low carbohydrate diet is being adhered to.

A mediterranean diet consist of high level of monounsaturated fat and lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains. Some amount of milk and dairy products and wine are also taken. This quick summary of diets should get you started on losing weight safe and fast.