Things You Need To Prepare in Starting Sea Air Cargo Business

Freight business is kind of business that involves moving cargo from one location to others. It can move the goods from cities in one country, and also from one country to others. This company may provide small cargo and large shipment. Due to it is kind of great business, it exactly need serious plan, execution, logistics, regulation, and others. That is why some people may get confuse as they think how to start a sea air cargo business. This business will be succeeding if the company has great planning, networking, and handling. Here some steps on how to start a sea air cargo business. Check Air Freight Mackay.

Sea Freight and Container

5 Basic Steps on how to Start a Sea Air Cargo Business

  1. Make A Company Name

The first things on how to start a sea air cargo business is giving a name to your company. After having a great name, you also need to create an official logo of your company.

  1. Have Great Business Plan

As you want to start sea or air cargo business, you need to make business plan. Your business plan must cover important things such as target customers, transportation mode, license, and demography. In making this plan, you should be careful in picking your network partners, employee, management team, and others that relate to your business. This will give effect to your company’s goals, growth, and profit/loss.

  1. Sea Licensing and Air Certification

Another thing that you need to consider on how to start a sea air cargo business is by understanding well about its sea licensing and air certification. In order to get sufficient licensing of sea cargo business, you need to see the Federal maritime Commission (FMC) official site. Moreover, see also the information in Office of Transportation (OTI). This website provides license application and also its reviews.

On the other hand, if you want to do air cargo business, you need to get licensing and certification from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to run air cargo business. Make sure you complete the Pre-application Statement of Intent and PASI form then submit it to FAA. You also need to make official application letter that includes your name and your company’s name and address.

The Guides for Starting Sea Air Cargo Business

  1. Understand About The Business

To open or make a sea air cargo business, you firstly must know and do some researches about freight forward company. You need to study its permits, ethics, procedures, regulations, and licensing. Besides, other information like its proper inspection, documentations, and foreign markets are also truly important. This is important because each country has different procedures and custom regulations.

  1. Transportation Equipments

Every transportation surely needs its own equipments of handling goods. The common equipment that you need is like power pallets, dolly, hydraulic pallets, and tractors. However, there other equipments that you need to prepare.

  • Cargo Equipment: wooden pallets, tractors, hydraulic pallets, power pallets, x-ray machine, dolly, weight bridge & weight scales, vans, trucks gloves, 4-wheel trolley, offloading ramp, and fork lift.
  • Business equipment: Structure Legal and Company Name, Business Address and Business Plan, Bank and Merchant Account, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Legal Contracts, Warehouse site, Logistic management software, Financial projection, Investment capital.