Exercise to Lose Weight

Previously, we wrote about how fast we should lose weight. Our current topic is on exercise. One of the major component of weight loss is exercise. It has been said that dieting helps weight loss, exercising keeps weight loss. This is true to a certain extent. Few weight loss program succeed without any increase in physical activities.

Exercise increases the energy usage and is especially useful for long term weight reduction. Exercise reduce the desire for food that are high in fat, thus reducing the overall fat intake. It will also prevent the decrease in basal energy use that occurs with any dieting. How then can we use exercise to lose weight?

Exercise to lose weight

Increase in physical activities can take many form. This could mean joining a gym and a exercise program, to doing something as simple and using the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator. It has been shown to being active is daily activities (walking more, climbing more and watching less TV) actually maintains weight better than exercising 20 minutes every day. While this is said, a decent exercise program can help build cardiovascular strength, and induce a physical and non physical well-being that merely climbing the stairs don’t offer.

How should we start? Always initiate exercise slowly. People who are above 35 years old and those with any health problems should consult a physician before embarking on an exercise program. Starting by adding 5 to 10 minutes of exercise a day and slowly tail up to 30 min a day. The key is to exercise regularly in small amounts rather than intermittently.

An exercise program should include activities for at least 3 times a week, although at least 5 times a week is more ideal. Any lesser than 3 times a week is less likely to build cardiovascular strength and maintain weight loss.

A good exercise program will usually produce an additional calorie usage of 100 to 200 calorie per day. Couple this with a good diet program, weight loss can be achieved.

Asics Gel-Kayano 23 Review of 2017

Whether you are training for a half marathon or just enjoy daily run before hitting the office, the Asics Gel Kayano 23 is the one for you. The Asics Kayano shoes have been around for a few years and it has shown a remarkable consistency of good reviews among the running community. The 23rd edition continues to serve well under stability on usage while bringing a fresh new improvement to the model of the Flytefoam feature on its sole unit. What is more on this model? Let’s start to explore the newest Asics Gel-Kayano, model.

Kayano 23rd model, an eye-catching upper part

It is indeed the Kayano model has consistently served runners well for years, however, the 23rd model has some new design and technologies. The coloring on the brand-new edition comprises of 3 colors with stripes and it gives a fresh and cool feeling when looking at it. Plenty color selections ranging from bright and colorful to dim and dark varieties that you can choose from this model.

Asics Gel-Kayano 23

Image from: https://www.runnerschoice.net/reviews/asics-gel-kayano-running-shoe

The top part of the shoe design sparkled elegance and strong. Although the knitted Fluidfit has been around from the previous model, however, a newly improved knitting model has given a fresh pinch to the brand-new model. Upper design of the shoes provides plenty air circulation while running, giving you a breathable running experience.

The high amount of tread in this shoe gives superior traction in any weather and provide adequate support in inclement terrain. The lacing system on the Kayano 23 emphasis on the comfortable and cozy feels, as it does not make your feet experience any tightness or being too restricted. The tongue of this shoe model goes fully over the lacing system, making the edges not to cut the top of your feet.

Sole Unit striving technologies

The Flytefoam technology installed on the sole gives the light feeling for the shoes compared to the previous Kayanos editions, make it your feet to feel at ease while running. Despite the fact that the sole technology is consistent compared to the previous model, the bottom part will help you prevent over pronation effectively. Thanks to The Dynamix Duomax sole cushioning system, the sole is not susceptible to higher density and stabilizing movement of your feet. Additionally, the midsole materials on this model offer lightest material, which gives you more than 50 percent lighter feeling compared to standard memory foams. It is also more responsive to force and easily to come back to its original shape faster.

Thanks to The Dynamix Duomax sole cushioning system, the sole is not susceptible to higher density and stabilizing movement of your feet. Additionally, the midsole materials on this model offer lightest material, which gives you more than 50 percent lighter feeling compared to standard memory foams. It is also more responsive to force and easily to come back to its original shape faster.

Additionally, the midsole materials on this model offer lightest material, which gives you more than 50 percent lighter feeling compared to standard memory foams. It is also more responsive to force and easily to come back to its original shape faster.

Asics Gel Kayano

Asics Gel Kayano 23 concluded

Despite some great features of the new model, there are several rooms for improvement for you to consider. Firstly, pricing standard for the new model is considered too pricey. To get this shoes, you need to pay at least US$160. The pricing might turn off any potential new customers, yet of you appreciate lightweight, elegance in design, and outstanding sole cushioning system, Asics Gel Kayano 23 is the one for you.

Obesity Diet

The best was of losing weight and obesity is a combination of diet, exercise, and change in behavioral modification. Before starting on any weight loss program, it is important to determine both how fast to lose weight and how to lose weight safely. Therefore, goals of weight loss must be set before anyone begins any weight loss.

Obesity And Eating Disorders

Goals of weight loss

Many Obese individuals are still actively gaining weight. The most important is to stop any more weight gain.

The next goal is to calculate the idea weight of the obese person. Do this by calculating the BMI of the person.

The thrid goal is to indentify the initial weight loss targeted. Most programs will be considered successful if they can achieve a weight loss of 5% in 6 months time.

The fourth goal is to identify what the obese person hopes to gain by losing weight. Is it appearance, health, mobility or other reasons. This helps the person to understand his motivation better and the likelyhood of him keeping to his diet plan would be higher.

Calculating required calorie for an obesity diet

Approximately 22 kcal/kg is required to maintain a kilogram of body weight in a normal adult. The expected or calculated energy expenditure for a woman weighing 100 kg is approximately 2200 kcal/day.

This can vary by up to 20%. Target calorie deficit should be 500kcal/day in a person’s diet. This should help the person lose about 2% of his weight a month.

Different types of Obesity Diet

Knowing that we are targeting a caloric deficit of 500kcal/day in an obesity diet. There are four general ways which these diets can be achieved:

  • Balanced low-calorie diets/portion-controlled diets
  • Low-fat diets
  • Low-carbohydrate diets
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Fad diets (diets involving unusual combinations of foods or eating sequences)

Commercial weight loss programs and internet-based programs are discussed elsewhere.

Balanced low-calorie diets

These are most recommended by nutrionist. Keeping a balance diet reduces the chance of having any vitamin, mineral or even essential fatty acid deficits. This can usually be done via reduced portion intake or carefully calculating a balance diet for all 3 meals of the day. The other method is to take replacement milk/drinks in place of certain meals.

Most people understand which are the fatty food and avoiding them as much as possible helps to reduce weight. Fats are classified at the top of the food pyramid in a good diet, which means they should constitute no more than 25% of a person’s diet, even in non obeses individuals

Such diets typically avoids most carbohydrates, mainly potatoes, rice and bread. Pasta is included in this category. This is easily achieved since most carbohydrates are not particularly tasty, unlike fats and proteins. The key is to ensure there are no increase in amount of fats taken when a low carbohydrate diet is being adhered to.

A mediterranean diet consist of high level of monounsaturated fat and lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains. Some amount of milk and dairy products and wine are also taken. This quick summary of diets should get you started on losing weight safe and fast.

12 Week Muscle Mass Program

This regiment is broken down into 3 four-week sets. There are 6 workout plans that should be performed on its own day, which means you get one day of rest per week. Target between 6-10 reps per set. Do as much weight as possible, but still able to keep good form and perform all sets.

How To Build Lean Muscle Mass

Eat every 2-3 hours
Get as much sleep as possible, 9-10 hours
Try to get at least 1g of protein per lb. of body weight
Week 1-8
Chest (11 sets)
Barbell bench press 4 sets
Incline barbell bench press 3 sets
Decline barbell bench press 2 sets
Incline dumbbell flys 2 sets

Back (12 + sets)
Chins do as many sets until you reach 30 reps
Barbell rows 4 sets
close grip chins 3 sets
Deadlifts 4-5 sets

Legs (13-16 sets)
Squats 4-6 sets 6-12 reps
Leg curls 3 sets
Leg ext 2-3 sets
Standing calves 4 sets

How To Build Lean Muscle Mass

Shoulders (12-14 sets)
Barbell shoulder press 4 sets
Arnold presses 4 sets
seated laterals 2-3 sets
Bent over laterals 2-3 sets

Biceps (8 sets)
Barbell curl 3 sets
Preacher curl 3 sets
Seated dumbbell curl 2 sets

Triceps (10-12 sets)
Close-grip presses 4 sets
Overhead tri ext 4 sets
Reverse pressdown 2-4 sets

Week 8-12
To get that finally pump, it is time to shock your muscles and change the routine.

Perform the entire bicep workout on the preacher bench. Raise reps for arms to 8-12.

Barbell Preacher curl (don’t use EZ curl bar) 3 sets
Reverse preacher curl (EZ curl bar) 3 sets
1 arm dumbbell preacher curl 2-3 sets

Incline close-grip bench press 4 sets
Seated overhead tri ext 4 sets
reverse overhead tri ext 4 sets (awkward, but effective)

Squats 5 sets 8 reps or less increase weight on each set
Hack squats 3 sets 8 or less feet close together and pointing out
Leg curls 3 sets 8, 6, 4

Barbell bench press 3 sets
Incline barbell bench press 3 sets
Decline barbell bench press 3 sets
Incline dumbbell flyes 2 sets

Chins 30 reps total
Barbell rows 4 sets (try doing some with palms facing away)
Deadlifts 4 sets

Barbell shoulder press 3 sets
Arnold presses 3 sets
Upright rows 3 sets
seated laterals 2-3 sets
Bent over laterals 2-3 sets

Common Gym Exercise Mistakes

Going to the gym for some fitness exercise and training should only have one main purpose- to stay fit and healthy through exercise. Going to the gym should be trying to achieve that purpose and nothing else. But sadly, there are certain mistakes that many people going to the gym make that can keep them from fulfilling this purpose. There are certain mistakes that even experienced gym rats make that prevent them from getting the very best benefits that going to the gym offers.

Common Gym Exercise Mistakes

Here are some of them:

Socializing at the Gym True, it can be easy to get to know a lot of people while visiting their neighborhood gym. But the mistake that they make is that many tend to focus more on socializing with friends and other gym members instead of trying to keep fit. It seems that a lot of gym members may have the wrong notion of going to the gym if it is socializing they’re after.

The gym may be a good and ideal venue to meet up with other people who are also eager in eventually getting fit and healthy, it isn’t really what the gym’s purpose is. One should try to keep their socializing at the gym in check because it can just as easily prevent one from using the gym to the utmost advantage to stay fit.

A Goal-less Exercise Another mistake that most people at the gym make is having no fitness goals to begin with. It can be easy for many to try and get into a fitness regimen without any goal in mind. They can go through the necessary work out without ever hoping to get anything from it. Many think that just going through the motions would be sufficient enough. But this is where many can be wrong.

Many may think that going to the gym to work out would be good enough to keep fit. It can help provide some visible results, but such a practice would not last without having fitness goals. The important part of going to the gym is to try to make it a regular habit. Making it a habit allows one to get into a fitness regimen more regularly. Without a fitness goal in mind when going to the gym, a person can be quite difficult to make the gym visits become enjoyable and worthwhile. In short, going to the gym can easily become boring after just a number of visits.

Without a fitness goal in mind, any fitness program would easily just be considered as something to get over with.

Proper motivation to keep going would lack in the very serious sense. And without getting one’s heart into the fitness regimen can easily make it become even more boring to do. A simple fitness goal can help provide the necessary motivation since there is a sense of accomplishment attached to the fitness regimen. Too Much Exercise Without Rest Becoming too engrossed in a fitness program can also be a mistake.

Some very serious gym rats can sometimes be so into the program that they try to outdo themselves to the point of exhaustion just to see results. And at times, this can mean not getting enough rest after bouts of too strenuous exercises. It may be good that some people take their training seriously. They are motivated enough to get into the highest levels of fitness. But with everything, too much can be a mistake. Some can be put at risk of getting injured in the process.

Serious fitness buffs can easily do very strenuous exercise and training routines without breaks. “No Pain No Gain”- that can be the attitude of some gym people. But it can also work at a rather negative way. The result of too much exercise is strained muscles. The body can break down faster than it can be repaired. A balance should always be made between physical activity and some recovery time. That would be the only way to enjoy the best benefits of any fitness program.

Cardio Exercise And Training Benefits

Cardio exercise and training cover a wide range of activities that allow the use of major muscle groups in the body in a continuous manner. But most importantly, the very aim of cardiovascular exercise and training is mainly to improve the heart muscles.

For cardio training to be effective, it should at least try to elevate about 60 to 85 percent of the individual’s considered maximum heart rate. There are various physical activities that can be considered as part of one’s cardio training. Such training includes walking or jogging, running, swimming, rowing and cycling as well as doing other aerobic exercises.

Cardio Exercise

There are several benefits that one can enjoy from doing regular cardio training. Doing them on a regular basis can greatly help the body even become healthier in the long run. Here are just some of the benefits that cardio training can provide:

1. It boosts one’s energy levels. Regular cardio exercise such as running or swimming can eventually help in improving a person’s energy levels. When the body goes through regular cardio training, it slowly adapts and is more able to cope up with the added strenuous physical activity. People become less tired while doing more work. In the process, they can become more energetic. Physical endurance is developed and improved over time through cardio workouts.

2. It boosts body metabolism. A good benefit of regular cardio exercise and training is through having a better metabolism. As cardio exercises help the heart muscles cope up with added physical activities, it also helps the body to burn more calories more efficiently.

Cardio training helps improve the body’s metabolism in order to handle for the energy needs of the added physical activity. This can signal the body to burn up some added fuel to keep its different functions up and running. With the regular training, the body then tends to keep the metabolism up. This then helps a person burn more calories which can be very convenient for losing weight.

3. It helps improve weight control. Regular cardio exercises can also help one maintain and keep a desired weight level. With a more improved metabolism, the body can burn more calories more efficiently.

Regular cardio training can also help build up muscles through the physical activity that the body goes through. With more muscles and calories being burned by the body daily, losing some weight may be experienced which occurs as the process of burning the stored fats in the body starts.

Up to a certain point when an ideal body weight is reached, people can then better maintain their weight through regular cardio training.

4. It helps prevent heart disease. Regular cardio training can also help in the prevention of heart disease. The heart also has muscles that make it work more effectively. Strengthening them can help the heart grow stronger and delay or prevent the development of diseases associated with the heart.

Aside from training programs help strengthen the heart muscles, they also help strengthen the lungs as well. Conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease can be prevented with regular cardio exercise and training.

Contemporary Window Treatments: What’s In and What’s Not

Variety of contemporary window treatments can now be seen anywhere you go. You can see it in the malls, hotel, and other public places. And if you don’t want to be left out with your window treatment, you might want to try bringing that style in your home. You see, doing this treatments and being in with its latest features is like being in with the fashion world. So if you wish to be fashionable with your window treatments, things that you must know first are the different varieties of designs used in windows treatment.

Contemporary Window

One type of design is what is known as roman shades. This design will give the ambiance of living in formality and extravagance. These are very similar with draperies. Most of these designs normally come in dark colors. It also comes in flat-fold or teardrops styles. And one of the most striking features of this design is its deep pleated styles. You can usually see this design in theaters. This style is absolutely suitable for those people who sleep in daytime because of their work.

Another type design offered in contemporary windows treatment is the woven window shades. This design typically gives out an outdoor atmosphere. Materials used in this design are bamboos, matchsticks, hemp, or any other things that are of natural and fresh setting. This is mostly seen in cottages or country houses. One of its outstanding features is its naturist vibe. If what you’re aiming at is relaxation and freshness, then this design is what you are looking for.

Honeycomb Cellular shades are one of the most trendy window treatments nowadays. These are blinds that will certainly be mistaken as that made of fabric. It carries with it many benefits. Some of these benefits are providing privacy in your room and magnificent darkening features. This is normally spotted at hotels and fully furnished offices.

However, if what you’re aiming at is simplicity but still appealing in a way, then try using curtains and valances. These materials ordinarily have an airy environment. But if you want to have it a sleek look, then choose a fabric which is medium weight. This will also give it a look of fullness. An advantage of these materials is that you can mix them with other designs such as blinds. Be a little risky in blending them until you have the look that you are striving for.

On the other hand if you are saving money, there are also available window treatments materials that you can buy. Such materials are the vinyl blinds. Aside from being affordable, it is utterly functional. These are your conventional blinds that operate with a string and plastic rods. If you have $5, then you are sure to buy this material. Well, that will depend on the size that you buy.

Contemporary window treatments are very important in your exterior decorations. These are the decorations that will be seen by passersby that will give you either a good or bad impression. However, with the suggestions mentioned together with your creative imaginations, a good impression is clearly in the bag.

An Overview Of the Sealy True Form Mattress

If you are looking for a Sealy mattress then you might want to consider the True Form mattress and the benefits of memory foam.

Memory foam has some terrific benefits and if you can’t pay for the one pointed out in the Sealy posturepedic reviews immediately you ought to consider this to be a cheaper alternative. These mattresses are usually made from polyurethane and have additional substances added that improve their density and viscosity. When you lay on this mattress the heat from your body will allow the material to soften and shape effectively.

Sealy True Form Mattress

A lot of traditional mattresses do not shape so well and therefore and place pressure on parts of your body, but this won’t happen with memory foam. A memory foam mattress is much better at supporting the body’s naturally occurring shape than a regular mattress. When we are laying down for extended periods of time the spine can become misaligned and pressurised which is the root cause of many people’s back pains, if you are using an old or cheap mattress you are placing yourself at much greater risk.

Memory foam mattresses often don’t need to be turned over, which is probably good because they are quite heavy. You might also find a memory foam mattress quite warm and cosy in the winter as it keeps the heat in well, although in the summer you might find it a bit much. You could be not wanting to take the plunge in getting a complete foam mattress, and if you just want to try the foam experience then go for a mattress topper which will sit nicely on top of your existing mattress.

One thing to take note with the Sealy True Form bed mattresses is that it can give off a ‘chemical type’ scent for several days after unwrapping. The best plan of action would be to leave it unwrapped for a few days and leave it in another room or outside if it’s warm and dry to allow the smell to dissipate, it will only take a day or two. This is mostly due to the foam used in them and the fact that they are wrapped up after manufacture and compressed.

There are many happy customers who testify to the comfort of the Sealy True Form mattress so it would definitely be a good buy, I even tested one myself a while back and it was extremely comfortable. As I mentioned before, it is cheaper than the Sealy Posturepedic mattress so is probably a good option if you’re on a limited budget. It has two layers and is designed in such a way that it helps to draw away body heat, thus alleviating the overheating problem. You can purchase this mattress risk free as Sealy offer their twenty year guarantee, so you really can’t go wrong.

Sealy are a fantastic company and offer a whole range of excellent quality beds and mattreses.

Things You Need To Prepare in Starting Sea Air Cargo Business

Freight business is kind of business that involves moving cargo from one location to others. It can move the goods from cities in one country, and also from one country to others. This company may provide small cargo and large shipment. Due to it is kind of great business, it exactly need serious plan, execution, logistics, regulation, and others. That is why some people may get confuse as they think how to start a sea air cargo business. This business will be succeeding if the company has great planning, networking, and handling. Here some steps on how to start a sea air cargo business. Check Air Freight Mackay.

Sea Freight and Container

5 Basic Steps on how to Start a Sea Air Cargo Business

  1. Make A Company Name

The first things on how to start a sea air cargo business is giving a name to your company. After having a great name, you also need to create an official logo of your company.

  1. Have Great Business Plan

As you want to start sea or air cargo business, you need to make business plan. Your business plan must cover important things such as target customers, transportation mode, license, and demography. In making this plan, you should be careful in picking your network partners, employee, management team, and others that relate to your business. This will give effect to your company’s goals, growth, and profit/loss.

  1. Sea Licensing and Air Certification

Another thing that you need to consider on how to start a sea air cargo business is by understanding well about its sea licensing and air certification. In order to get sufficient licensing of sea cargo business, you need to see the Federal maritime Commission (FMC) official site. Moreover, see also the information in Office of Transportation (OTI). This website provides license application and also its reviews.

On the other hand, if you want to do air cargo business, you need to get licensing and certification from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to run air cargo business. Make sure you complete the Pre-application Statement of Intent and PASI form then submit it to FAA. You also need to make official application letter that includes your name and your company’s name and address.

The Guides for Starting Sea Air Cargo Business

  1. Understand About The Business

To open or make a sea air cargo business, you firstly must know and do some researches about freight forward company. You need to study its permits, ethics, procedures, regulations, and licensing. Besides, other information like its proper inspection, documentations, and foreign markets are also truly important. This is important because each country has different procedures and custom regulations.

  1. Transportation Equipments

Every transportation surely needs its own equipments of handling goods. The common equipment that you need is like power pallets, dolly, hydraulic pallets, and tractors. However, there other equipments that you need to prepare.

  • Cargo Equipment: wooden pallets, tractors, hydraulic pallets, power pallets, x-ray machine, dolly, weight bridge & weight scales, vans, trucks gloves, 4-wheel trolley, offloading ramp, and fork lift.
  • Business equipment: Structure Legal and Company Name, Business Address and Business Plan, Bank and Merchant Account, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Legal Contracts, Warehouse site, Logistic management software, Financial projection, Investment capital.